Friday, August 4, 2017 - This morning I got up and went for a long walk with one of my friends. Our walk was five miles, felt great. I came home and took my shower and got dressed. Then I ran my errands. I want to thank one of my very special members for sending me a VERY special package in the mail from my Amazon list. I absolutely LOVE everything!!! Thank you!! Wayne and I are going to go out to eat supper with friends tonight. Not sure where yet... but I'm sure it will be yummy. :)~ I am also loving this cooler weather we are having. Woohoo! Well gotta get ready to leave, chat later. xoxoxo Jean :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017 - Hello Everyone! Today started out chilly as could be and then it warmed up some. Very nice day. I ran errands with Wayne and we ate lunch out today at a Cuban place. Oh it was so yummy. Mmmmmm! I came home and washed up some laundry and then we did a few things outdoors. Came inside and had some awesome sex. That's always yummy! Wayne had to go to a meeting tonight so I am fixing myself some dinner and watching a movie and writing in my diary. Love ya guys and girls ! xoxoxo :)~

Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - Good Morning guys & girls! It sure is chilly today. I will be so happy when it starts to warm up and stays warm for now on out. As you all know, I love the warm weather best of all. :) Family keeps me up north or my ass would be in the south on the beach some where sipping margaritas and singing Jimmy Buffet :) LOL I took up yoga & meditation this year and love it! I am in need of a meditation blanket. I want a nice colorful one. I was going to put one on my Amazon list. Maybe that could be a nice gift for my birthday/christmas, or maybe whatever day :) I would love t! I also took up bird watching. OMG I never knew how many different birds there were, it is amazing and so relaxing too. Takes the stress right out of your life. I went grocery shopping today and then washed clothes and ran a few other errands with Wayne. Going to head to bed soon, Love ya all xoxoxoxo Jean :)